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XYXX Apparels: Break Free from Discomfort

Ali Haider



XYXX Apparels: Break Free from Discomfort

The XYXX Apparels for Men’s Premium Comfort is designed to offer you the best of both worlds: comfort and style. You can find clothing in hues and patterns that complement your personality, ranging from 100% organic cotton t-shirts to quick-drying TENCEL Modal briefs, and from combed cotton pyjamas to cotton t-shirts.

Everyday Shorts

Our incredibly soft and adaptable hype shorts will be your go-to item for everything from travel to workouts to errand runs. Introducing our all-black Hype shorts – your comfortable ride-or-die gear.

Everyday shorts with back pockets and dual side pockets are made in a variety of colors for practicality. Right pocket with a stealthy zipper to protect important items.  Coins and cards can be stored in the left knee’s zip-up pocket. With tagless designs that cause no irritation, a drawstring detail is included for a customizable fit. It is highly recommended for travel, weekend adventures, casual lounging, and workout sessions.

80% cotton and 20% polyester are used to make shorts.The fibers enable your skin to breathe by swiftly absorbing moisture. It is so airy and light that you forget you are wearing it.

IntelliEaze Super Combed Cotton Inner Boxers

The no-marks waistband of the Cotton inner boxers adds comfort. Superior softness combined with ultra-breathability for an airy feel provides long-lasting comfort. These have a single patch pocket at the back and are constructed in elegant, adaptable colors. For no irritation, there are tagless designs available. Practical fly with a hidden button and a loose fit that is ideal for daily wear.

Superior breathability is achieved by the woven construction and 100% super combed cotton used in its creation.The most opulent comfort possible is ensured by the enhanced IntelliEaze technology, which also ensures unparalleled lightness, softness, and breathability of the garment.

Pace Gym Vest

Pace, with its timeless color scheme, is sure to up your undershirt game. Introducing the perfect addition to your all-season wardrobe: the ash grey Pace vest.Composed of only the finest combed cotton The woven structure provides optimal breathability by allowing air to circulate freely. It is ideal for warmer weather because of its lightweight construction.When relaxing at home, wear it exactly as an undershirt.The Tagless designs to cause no annoyance.absorption of moisture for continuous freshness.Square neck for more visual appeal

It is the ideal undershirt thanks to the invisible neckline.Comfortable for tucking in. colors that go well with many outfits and are visually appealing.

IntelliSoft Modal Briefs

Flux is designed to showcase futuristic designs without sacrificing comfort by fusing art and technology. Introducing our bright blue Flux briefs, your go-to partner for freshness throughout the day. With 4-way stretchability and a velvety feel, CloudSoft moves with you.The IntelliSoft Modal Briefs are named after their ability to absorb sweat, Air Max. It is lightweight for all-day wear, has flat-lock seams for no irritation, and is tagless for comfort. The fibers are lightweight and breathable, made up of 92% TENCEL Modal Micro fabric and 8% elastane. They allow your skin to breathe and quickly absorb moisture.You hardly realize you are wearing it because it is so airy and light.Every IntelliSoft garment is guaranteed to have unmatched softness, flexibility, and comfort thanks to upgraded IntelliSoft technology.

Ace Modal Boxer Briefs Bold Burgundy

Our Ace boxer briefs for men are the ideal combination of style and utility; they fit snugly and lessen chafing.

It could be difficult to decide how a men’s brief style would look on you if you did not wear the pants. Not everyone has an iconic athletic or ripped body, and the length of a brief is especially short and fitted. The flat-lock seams on these incredibly soft boxer briefs will keep odors out and stop itching.

The best part is that these men’s boxer briefs with a snug fit are lovingly made in India.

The fabric used to make this line of men’s boxer briefs is 100% naturally sourced and is composed of 92% Tencel Modal and 8% elastane. It is 3X softer, 50% more absorbent, and does not leave any waistband marks because it was made with comfort in mind.


Designed to be cozy, apparel is composed of supple materials like fleece or cotton. Good apparel makes you feel good and helps to maintain a good bedtime routine. This helps your body to reduce the stress and unwind yourself to get a proper sleep.

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