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What Are the Size Options for Portable Classrooms?




What Are the Size Options for Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms for rent provide the extra learning space needed by schools experiencing an increase in student population. These classrooms come in different designs, layouts, sizes, and configurations. While the classrooms are constructed in standard dimensions, they can be customized to match the preferences of the school. Here are the size options for portable classrooms:

Standard Size Options

The standard size of portable classrooms varies from small to large options. The exact dimensions of each of these options depend on the manufacturer and the specific model. Here are the standard-size options for portable classrooms:

Small to Medium-Size

Classrooms within this size option occupy an area of less than one thousand square feet. The dimensions for the small size range from 14 feet by 49 feet to 14 feet by 54 feet. The dimensions for the medium size range from 24 feet by 36 feet to 24 feet by 44 feet. This small to medium size option can accommodate a student population of up to fifty students. This size option excludes extra features such as restrooms or storage areas.

Large Size

Portable classrooms for rent that fall within the large size option occupy an area of more than one thousand square feet. The dimensions for this size option can range from 24 feet by 48 feet to 56 feet by 68 feet. This option is designed to accommodate more than fifty students. Classrooms of this size have adequate space to accommodate all features of a typical classroom such as storage cabinets. They may also accommodate restrooms.

Customizable Size Options

Some modular classroom providers may offer portable classrooms with customizable dimensions to fit the specific needs of the school. This allows schools to decide on the design details and requirements that need to be included. This ability to adapt the dimensions, layout, and features of the portable classrooms makes them a versatile solution for addressing the school’s dynamic population needs.

Factors Influencing Classroom Size Options

A number of factors can help you determine the appropriate size option for a portable classroom. These factors include the number of students, the equipment to be included, programs and activities, subject requirements, and accessibility.

Class Size

The dimensions of the portable classroom directly depend on the number of students to be accommodated. The maximum number of students that can occupy a class depends on the class size policy adopted by the school. When renting a portable classroom, first determine the class size and order a classroom with a matching dimension.

Furniture and Equipment

The quantity and type of equipment and furniture to be included in the classroom influence the required dimensions. If the school intends to include many pieces of equipment and furniture, a large-size option may be appropriate. You may be required to change the classroom layout if specialized teaching aids are to be included. Students and teachers should be able to navigate around furniture and equipment with ease.

Subject Requirements

The space requirements for portable classrooms may vary depending on the subject. Science labs likely require extra classroom space to give room for the equipment needed to conduct experiments. Art subjects that use easils, paints, and other art supplies may also require extra space to do creative activities.

Programs and Activities

The size of the portable classroom required by a school will also depend on the types of programs and activities. If extracurricular activities will happen in the classroom, a larger size may be required to provide extra space for more students. Special programs and events may also require a larger classroom space.


Extra classroom space may be required to accommodate accessibility features. This is the case if the rented classroom will be used by students with disabilities. Such classrooms will require enough space to fit the student’s assistive devices comfortably and provide wheelchair accessibility ramps.

Choose the Right Size of Your Portable Classrooms for Rent Today

Portable classrooms for rent come in different sizes to match the needs and preferences of schools. The sizes of these classrooms can be customized to accommodate the dynamic needs for learning space within institutions. Contact a trusted provider of modular buildings today and get the right size of portable classrooms matching your school’s needs.

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