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Double bed with storage in India, double bed designs in India




Double bed with storage in India, double bed designs in India

Solving Storage Problems: How Double Beds with Storage Can Declutter Your Living Space

How does it feel to look at an overflowing closet? Stuffed shelves? And cluttered corners in your home? You agree or not, but an unorganized space spikes stress levels, making you feel frustrated, especially when you have to search for something from the piles of stuff. The struggle for storage is a real problem that needs an immediate solution. If you are living in a cramped apartment with space issues, then you must focus on buying furniture units with storage options.

Let’s begin from your bedroom—a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. If you start searching for double bed designs in India, you will come across a variety of options featuring storage compartments underneath the mattress. These double beds are a practical solution to keep the storage woes at bay. With their presence in your bedroom, you can create a space that looks more organized and clutter-free, ensuring a peaceful environment for a sound sleep.

What are the best double bed storage designs in India?

Finding the best double bed with storage in India has become easy considering the availability of online furniture stores. Keeping comfort needs, design aesthetics, and modern storage problems in mind, these stores offer a huge collection of double bed with storage for small rooms in India. Here are some common designs that you may explore for your bedroom:

Hydraulic Lift Storage Beds

Maximizing storage space in bedrooms, these hydraulic lift beds can be easily lifted up with the mattress without putting in too much effort or asking for help from a family member. It offers ample storage space underneath, allowing you to store seasonal clothing items, extra bedding, pillows, kids’ toys, old books, and other belongings.

Storage beds with drawers

Available in different configurations, like single-sided or double-sided drawers, these beds can be utilized to keep small yet significant things that are often scattered around, making the room look cluttered. In these drawers, you can even use dividers to organize your stuff properly. This will allow you to conveniently access your things from separate compartments without having to struggle to find essentials at the time of need.

Double Bed with Headboard Storage

Explore storage double bed designs for Indian bedrooms, and you will surely find some of the finest pieces that complement your interiors and meet your storage needs. Out of all the designs, a double bed with upholstered headboard storage is gaining a lot of popularity these days. You can conveniently open the headboard flap by pulling it towards you, and store your accessories, books, bedtime essentials, etc. Offering a modern aesthetic and functional storage solution, these beds will surely suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Where can I buy affordable double beds with storage in India?

Buying a double bed with storage facilities and amenities in India can be challenging if you are not aware of the genuine online furniture stores and local furniture markets. To purchase a double bed with storage at affordable prices, make sure you choose the best wooden furniture seller that focuses on delivering premium quality, instead of only thinking about making profits. Here are some shopping options to vouch for:

1.   Online Furniture Stores

There are several furniture brands available online that promise to offer impeccable quality along with creative designs and a competitive price range. These online platforms come up with exclusive discount offers and price deals, helping you make the purchase without breaking the bank. Also, these stores have a plethora of design options to choose from, as they believe in satisfying the distinctive decor choices and preferences of buyers from different walks of life.

2.   Local Furniture Markets

If time is not a constraint, and you are willing to roam around the streets, then you can check out physical stores in the city you live in. However, the design options in these stores will be limited. If your stars are in favor, you can get a double bed with storage at an affordable price range. You can also compare the prices from different physical stores, and choose the one that offers prices that are convenient to your pocket.

3. Customised Furniture Makers

You can even go to a customized furniture maker in your city who can build a double bed with storage according to your specifications. You can convey the type of wood you want, finish style, storage capacity, size, design style, etc. This way, you can even get things done as per your set budget.

Tips to choose the right size of double bed with storage for your bedroom

  • First, make sure you measure the layout of your bedroom to understand whether the double bed with storage fits into the available space without overwhelming the area.
  • Consider measuring the length, width, and height of the bed before making a purchase. After placing the bed, there should be enough space for movement.
  • How much space do you require for storage? Assess your storage needs. Will you be able to keep all seasonal clothing items, extra bedding essentials, and other items conveniently underneath? If you feel that the bed you prefer to buy has built-in storage compartments and drawers, that are enough to accommodate your stuff, then buy it, otherwise, look for options with more storage capacity.
  • Buy a space-saving double bed with storage that is easy to access without putting in too much effort. Perhaps, that is why, people prefer hydraulic lift mechanisms that allow them to seamlessly lift the compartment. It ensures safety, as people may even get back injuries when lifting up bulky compartments to access things.

What are the ways to maintain and clean double bed storage compartments?

To keep the functioning of your double bed storage compartments intact for many years, pay attention to these points:

  • Create a regular cleaning routine to prevent dirt and dust particles from accumulating inside the compartments.
  • Arrange your stuff in an organized way, and remove those items you no longer need.
  • You can even use separate sections to neatly keep your belongings and access them easily whenever needed.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the crevices of the compartments, and lubricate the moving parts using furniture oils for smooth operation.

In India, the wooden furniture markets have an incredible double bed with storage designs for Indian families. So, don’t sit and feel frustrated looking at your cluttered bedroom. Take action and buy the best double bed with storage for better organization of your belongings.

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