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Wedding Season Wonders: Men’s Ethnic Wear Trends in Hyderabad




Wedding Season Wonders: Men's Ethnic Wear Trends in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is anticipating another wedding season as people look forward to new beginnings that come with such seasons. Hyderabad has long been known as a place where culture thrives alongside royalty in marriage celebrations marked by style, tradition, and sophistication, characteristic of only an Indian man dressed traditionally all over time. This blog will explore the trendiest clothing options in men’s ethnic wear Hyderabad. So, let’s begin.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

The wedding patterns make up for diverse traditional and contemporary styles, which naturally blend into each other. Let’s have a look at some men’s ethnic wear in Hyderabad:


  • Characteristics: A Sherwani is a long coat-like garment generally worn over a Kurta with a Churidar or Dhoti as bottom wear. They highlight the fitted bodice and flared bottom like a skirt and additional intricate embroidery or brocade work that adorns its surface.
  • Origin: The Sherwani has developed into a symbolic garment of fashion for men in India since its beginning at the time of the Mughal Empire.
  • OccasionsSherwanis are typically worn during weddings, receptions, and other formal occasions. With options ranging from traditional ivory and gold outfits to more daring jewel-toned patterns, it’s impossible not to have a sherwani with you anytime an occasion needs dressing up.

Kurta Set

  • Characteristics: A Kurta set consists of a long tunic-styled shirt, which is worn alongside bottoms that match, i.e., Churidars, Dhotis, or trousers to create its whole. Such sets often come with decorations such as embroidery patterns or other artifacts inspired by the culture.
  • Origins: Kurtas have been a must-have in Indian men’s ethnic wear in Hyderabad for many years. Its roots go back centuries. It is known for being versatile and providing comfort. Therefore, it can be used on many different occasions, such as weddings and parties, among others, hence making it one of those that can last forever.
  • OccasionsKurta sets are worn for various occasions such as weddings, festivals, worshiping services, and informal social gatherings. They come in different fabrics and colors to suit various tastes.

Indo-Western Ensemble

  • Characteristics: Contrary to how most people may interpret them, Indo-Western attire involves mixing traditional Indian clothing with Western clothing elements, such as a Nehru jacket, waistcoat, or blazer, with trousers, churidar, or jeans, creating a curious design and appearance clash.
  • OriginsIndo westerns have recently gone viral as a Cheap and excellent alternative to traditional wear in India. They depict a man’s daily dress style.
  • Occasions: It can be worn on various occasions, from wedding ceremonies to receptions. It is an excellent festive garment, capable of leaving a lasting impact wherever you go. Hence, your outline is the center of attention.

Pathani Suit

  • Characteristics: A traditional outfit from the Pashtun region, the Pathani suit is distinguished by a long tunic-style shirt featuring a buttoned placket and straight-cut trousers with straight leg cuts, sometimes worn along with a matching waistcoat.
  • Origin: The Pathani suit’s roots lie deep within the Pashtun culture of Afghanistan, where men wear it daily for everyday tasks. It has become widely adopted throughout India and Pakistan, both formal and semiformal events.
  • Occasions: Pathani suits have become popular for men of all ages for weddings, festivals, and formal events due to their versatility. Their comfortable design features, such as understated elegance, have also contributed to its widespread acceptance.

Accessorizing with Elegance

No wedding ensemble would be complete without elegant accessories, and in Hyderabad, this attention to detail is especially evident. From embellished turbans and stoles to eye-catching brooches and cufflinks, finding meaningful accessories adds depth to an ensemble and sophistication that truly defines its look. Grooms and guests alike may experiment with various accessories in their ensemble to craft something uniquely personal for themselves at every wedding they attend.

Wrapping Up!

With Hyderabad wedding season rapidly approaching, men’s ethnic wear takes center stage as an elegant array of options is provided to grooms, guests, and family members. From Sherwanis and Kurta sets to contemporary ensembles incorporating elements like fusion ensembles, there’s sure to be perfect men’s ethnic wear in Hyderabad for every style preference and taste at Kaadambini. Not to mention exquisite craftsmanship, intricate detailing, and lasting appeal, making an impressive addition to this city of tradition, culture, and celebration. Shop now!

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