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Must-Have Casual Dresses with Eco-Friendly Fabric at Virgio

Ali Haider



Must-Have Casual Dresses with Eco-Friendly Fabric at Virgio

In a time when sustainability has become an important issue, it’s refreshing to watch fashion firms step up and offer environmentally friendly options. At Virgio, it’s evident that fashion does not have to come in the way of protecting our environment. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce the range of basic casual dresses made from green fabrics. From adorable printed cotton to luxuriously flowy satin, every piece is made to create the ideal impression and reduce the environmental footprint. So be ready to find your perfect casual dress in this blog. 

7 Must-Have Casual Dresses with Eco-Friendly Fabric

Take a peek at our range of eco-friendly casual dresses:

Cute Cotton Printed Skater Dress

The dress is made from a mix of spandex and cotton. This cute skater’s outfit is as comfy as it gets. It features an elegant white design. The dress is perfect as a casual dress for outings with your friends. The fabric’s air-tight construction will ensure you’re at a comfortable temperature all day, while the skater-style silhouette adds an urban look to the outfit.

Chic Floral Satin Tier Dress

The fit-and-flare style makes the satin floral top dress an attractive piece to add to your wardrobe. Made of satin, it feels as smooth as butter on your skin. The gorgeous hue brings a hint of sophistication to your fashion. It is perfect for breakfasts, weddings, or romantic dinners with your partner; the gown exudes feminine elegance and class.

Classy Recycled Polyester Strappy Floral Dress

Its classic flower design and sweetheart neckline are ageless. Crafted from recycled polyester, this flawless design seamlessly blends sophistication and style. This dress proves that sustainability and fashion can be the ideal combination. Its sleek style gives an updated twist to the timeless flower motif. This extremely versatile dress can be dressed in a casual or formal style for any event.

Chic Lycra Satin Mini Dress

If you’re looking to enjoy an exquisite meal or have a lovely evening out with friends, the slim-fit mini dress we offer will surely attract attention. Made of silk satin, this casual dress is the perfect elegant and comfortable piece. The strapless shape adds luxury, and the short length of the dress makes your legs appear more slender, creating a beautiful design. It’s a perfect pair to wear with heels that make an impact and impress your guests or slippers for the impression of a laid-back vibe.

Breathable Yellow Cut-Out Cotton Dress

The dress has an encircling waistline along with cuts in the back. This yellow cotton dress we’ve got for you is both breathable and trendy. Ideal for warmer weather, this dress can give a pop of color to your outfit and highlight the curves and natural features of your figure. The cut-out features add a fresh modern twist to the classic silhouette, and the soft fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Cotton & Viscose Blend A-Line Dress

Wear the lavender mini dress made from viscose and cotton to show off your feminine side. Its A-line design and finely crafted embellishments make the dress elegant and delicate to wear at any time. The delicate lavender hue adds a touch of romance, and the fabric fits beautifully over your body to create the perfect silhouette. Wear sandals along with some striking accessories for a particular party. Keep things simple by wearing shoes to eat with friends you’ve met.

Comfy Cotton Schiffli Tiered Dress

Sweet, playful and incredibly comfy, our tiered pink Schiffli casual dress is perfect for every fashionable female. It has pockets for essential things, making this dress ideal for shopping or brunch with friends. The tiered pattern adds fluidity and depth to the conventional silhouette. The delicate embroidery on the schiffli adds an element of fun. Wear it and sneakers to create a casual style, or pair it with wedges to finish the look.


We at Virgio believe that fashion should be fun, stylish, fashionable and sustainable. By choosing from the collection of trendy clothes made of sustainable materials, you’ll feel chic and comfy. From beautiful printed cotton to luxurious silks, each product is designed with style and sustainable thought processes, with the environment at the forefront. So why sacrifice fashion for the sake of sustainability when you love both? Browse our selection of eco-friendly casual dress and make an impact that’s stylish and sustainable for the environment.

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