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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Under Eye Cream

Ali Haider



6 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Under Eye Cream

Are you exasperated about your under eye cream not giving visible results? Gone are the days where under eye creams were overlooked and not considered a crucial component in daily skincare regime. Nowadays, these small yet powerful eye creams pack a punch. These are essential for fighting dark circles, puffiness, etc., and have gained a place in daily skincare routine. However, choosing the best under eye cream might not be the answer anymore!

Wondering what more you could do apart from choosing the best under eye cream in India? Well, how about knowing what to do and what not to? You might not be aware but there is a high chance you might be making mistakes that deprives you of the opportunity to get the benefits of these amazing skincare products. Irrespective of being a novice or an expert, mistakes might happen. That is why in this blog, we will discuss common mistakes one can make even when using the best under eye cream for dark circles.

6 Mistakes to Avoid Using Under Eye Cream

Nobody wants to invest in purchasing the Best under eye cream for dark circles 2024 and not get visible results. That is why knowing how to apply the under eye cream and be cautious about what to avoid can help you.

  • Not considering the skin type

While choosing the best under eye cream, make sure to consider the skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin, you need to ensure the creams have hydrating ingredients which have the ability to retain moisture, thus plumping the delicate areas. People with oily skin must opt for oil-free formulations that aid in minimizing puffiness. For people having sensitive skin, opting for a fragrance-free formulation is important to prevent irritation. It is vital to opt for products that match the skin type.

  • Using too much of the product

The art of knowing how much product to use doesn’t come at once. You need to use the products for some time to understand how much you need to use for results. Using the best under eye cream in India in an excessive amount won’t accelerate the results. It is important to understand that the skin surrounding the eyes is dilated and thin. That is why using too much product can cause irritation.

best under eye cream in India

  • Being inconsistent

Buying the best under eye cream for dark circles is not a guarantee for clear, beautiful eyes. You need to be consistent too. You cannot expect to use the cream once in a while and expect excellent results after some time. When it comes to skincare, consistency is fundamental and under eye creams are no exception. Another thing that needs to be understood is that results won’t occur overnight – you need to give the product the time to improve your skin.

  • Incorrect order of application

The order of application of skincare products can have a tremendous impact on the skin. That is why you need to follow a particular sequence while using organic under eye cream. For starters, you need to use a cleanser to remove dirt, dust, and impurities from the skin and clean the skin. After that, you must use the toner to prep the skin. This step is immediately followed by the eye cream you want to use. In the last step, use a moisturizer to lock everything and finish the skincare routine.

  • Being rough while using the product

While using the best under eye cream for dark circles, you need to be gentle. Keep in mind that the skin around the eyes is fragile, delicate and thin. That also means that the skin is prone to damage compared to other areas. Being rough or pulling the skin too much can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. When using the product, make sure you use gentle and slow hand movements.

  • Applying product on the dry skin

The worst mistake to commit while using the Best under eye cream in india for dark circles is applying it on the dry skin. Though you can apply the product with ease, you won’t get the full benefits. For effective results, ensure the product is applied over slightly damp or moist skin. Use a clean towel to ensure the skin is slightly wet to apply the cream after using toner.

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