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Turning the Tide: A Flanker’s Guide to Domination in World of Tanks




Turning the Tide: A Flanker's Guide to Domination in World of Tanks

Have you ever imagined yourself approaching an unprepared opposing World of Tanks team from behind, throwing a barrage of shells into their startled rear ends, and turning the tide of battle all by yourself? My friends, the key to accomplishing that is flanking. When done perfectly, it is a risky dance move that creates the greatest feeling in World of Tanks. Now put on your commando disguise, grab your beret, and let us explore the art of the flank!

Map Knowledge is Power

It helps to have a little WOT map awareness before you put on your virtual backpack and head out into the sunset. Flanking presents different challenges on different World of Tanks maps. On Hausdorff, for instance, the windmill flank is a classic. Use the buildings and dips in the terrain to mask your movements as you circle around and unleash havoc on the unsuspecting enemy capping the base. On Mines, the central ridgeline can be a double-edged sword. While it offers great firing positions, flanking through the hills on either side can net you juicy rear World of Tanks shots.

The key is to identify these potential flanking routes early on. Look for cover, such as ridgelines, buildings, or foliage, that will conceal your approach. Analyze enemy spawn points and typical WOT team movements. Are they prone to a full-on brawl in the World of Tanks center, or do they like to camp specific ridgelines? Understanding their tendencies will help you predict where they’ll be least expecting an WOT attack.

Not All Tanks Are Created Equal (For Flanking)

While a well-played flank with any WOT tank can be devastating, some are simply better suited for the role. World of Tanks Light tanks like the ELC AMX or the T-100 LT are the undisputed kings of flanking. They can sneak around the battlefield undetected, wreaking havoc on artillery or World of Tanks squishy tank destroyers thanks to their amazing speed and camouflage rating. Mobility-rich medium WOT tanks, such as the T-34-85M or the Centurion Mk. I, can also be very effective flankers because they strike a good mix between firepower and speed.

WOT Heavier tanks like Maus or E 100, however, are best left holding the frontline. Their lumbering pace makes flanking a recipe for disaster. Remember, the element of surprise is crucial. If the enemy hears a thundering engine approaching from behind, your surprise World of Tanks attack is toast.

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Timing is Everything

A well-timed flank can turn the tide of battle, but a premature one can leave you isolated and overwhelmed. Patience, young grasshopper! Don’t get trigger-happy and charge off the second the battle starts. Let your World of Tanks team engage the enemy first. This creates a distraction, drawing their focus and attention away from potential WOT flankers like yourself. Once the enemy is preoccupied, that’s your cue. Use the lull in the fighting to make your move, aiming to hit the enemy from behind just as their attention is firmly fixed on your World of Tanks teammates.

Flanking Strategies: Choose Your Weapon

Various approaches can be taken to a World of Tanks flank, based on the circumstances and your level of risk tolerance.

  • The Deep Flank: This is the high-risk, high-reward maneuver. You venture deep behind enemy lines, aiming to disrupt their artillery, capture their base, or simply wreak havoc on their rear guard. It’s a daring move, but if successful, it can single-handedly win the game. Just remember, you’ll be far from friendly support, so tread carefully and choose your engagements wisely.
  • The Supporting Flank: This is a safer option, especially for beginners. You don’t go full Rambo behind enemy lines; instead, you flank a bit closer to your WOT team’s position. This allows you to support their frontal assault by taking enemy tanks out of the fight from behind. It’s a classic pincer attack that can quickly overwhelm the enemy.

Communication is Key

World of Tanks Flanking isn’t a solo act. Let your team know your intentions! Use the WOT minimap to ping your route and keep them updated on enemy positions you discover. This allows your World of Tanks teammates to adjust their strategies and potentially create opportunities for coordinated attacks. Remember, a well-coordinated flank with your WOT team is far more effective than a lone wolf operation.

Mastering the Art: Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here are some extra tips to make you a flanking master:

  • Camouflage is Your Friend: Use bushes, WOT destroyed tanks, and terrain folds to your advantage. Maximizing your camo rating will keep you hidden as you make your move.
  • Situational Awareness is Paramount: The battlefield is constantly changing. Keep an eye on the World of Tanks minimap and be prepared to adapt your flank as needed. If you see a large enemy force pushing your teammate’s flank, maybe abort and join the defense.
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