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Why you need to Invest in a Printed Lehenga in your Wardrobe for the Upcoming Celebrations!




Why you need to Invest in a Printed Lehenga in your Wardrobe for the Upcoming Celebrations!

Summer is in full effect and the scorching sun is only taking the temperatures upward. With sweltering heat making everyday proceedings difficult, it makes utmost sense to tweak your wardrobe to fit with the season’s demands. With celebrations marking the warm weather, it’s time you substitute your heavy lehengas and opt for their printed counterparts! 

A printed lehenga is one we think of as easy-going revelries. Lightweight in nature, these creations are elegant while being effortless. A faraway stretch from the heavily embellished iterations, the printed lehenga is a favored choice for its traditional yet contemporary appeal. Thanks to their comfortable yet chic appearance, the demand for them is not a surprise in the slightest! 

Printed Lehengas: Quintessential pick for Summer Weddings 

Fit for summer and beyond, the minimalist outfit is fit for intimate weddings where the merriment does not call for a decadent appearance. Allowing freedom and mobility, printed lehengas allow you to be a part of the party and enjoy yourself to the fullest. A celebrity favorite, the fuss-free silhouette is a pleasant take on the classics, making it a must-have for your style. From floral to geometric prints, you can check the printed Aza lehenga collection and add some much-needed vibrancy to your appearance!

Ease and Grace 

As we make intimate celebrations a standard (thank you, pandemic), a printed lehenga matches the warm and cozy atmosphere the best. Often created with light and breathable fabrics, these not only allow a breathable appearance but also become a canvas for astounding prints. These prints allow you to put your personality on display with a charm! If you are a bride-to-be, printed lehengas are the perfect outfit choice for your vivid pre-wedding festivities! 

A Case of Weather 

If you are planning your nuptials in summer, you can take the easy way out of sartorial confusion. By opting to wear printed lehengas for most of your festivities and wedding duties, you can be assured comfort and convenience without compromising on style. You wouldn’t have to do the literal heavy lifting associated with a traditional lehenga. Instead, focus on being fresh and gracious with open tresses and an air of vibrancy around you! If you are attending a summer wedding, you can opt for an easy-going printed lehenga, that blends with the occasion and isn’t as restrictive as a saree.  

Be Destination Friendly 

Summer and destination weddings go hand in hand. With rain or snow not playing spoilsport, tropical settings become a favorable spot. Blend with the surroundings and go for peppy prints that come alive against the serene backdrop of beaches and lakes alike. Floral prints are the safest bet when it comes to destination wedding outfits, as they encapsulate the energy and vividity of destination weddings the best!

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Wedding Festivities Favorites 

Pre-wedding festivities are full of vigor, vitality, and vibrance. Mehendi, Sangeet, and Haldi are an integral part of Indian weddings, and they are just as colorful. Floral and ethnic prints are a great way to infuse a positive energy into the merriment and be a part of the celebration. As a bride there isn’t a better choice than being decked in a vibrant yellow printed lehenga for your sun-kissed Haldi celebrations! 

Printed lehengas offer a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, making them a formidable choice for summer weddings. Made with a diverse range of fabrics and displaying many prints, these creations are fit for various occasions and events throughout the year. So, add a printed flair to your style repertoire and opt for printed lehengas this season!

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