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Stress-Free Wedding Day Tips for a Smooth and Memorable Celebration




Stress-Free Wedding Day Tips for a Smooth and Memorable Celebration

If only tying the knot were as simple as, “going’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married,” like the lyrics in that old classic suggest.

The truth is, most weddings involve a lot. And the more moving parts there are, the more potential there is for something to go wrong: Enter stress… unless you’re prepared.

For those looking to minimize worry and anxiety, we’re brimming with ways to exclude it from your special day. Here are our secrets to a smooth, memorable, and stress-free wedding day celebration.

Focus on rest and pampering yourself

We all know how critical getting enough sleep is to our general wellbeing. In the days leading up to your big day especially, make rest a priority. Pamper yourself with relaxing activities—think bubble baths and early nights.

Book a massage; use that expensive moisturizer and those luxurious skincare products you’ve been hoarding. Just don’t try anything too drastic, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Create a wedding day timeline

Having a realistic and well thought out wedding day timeline is non-negotiable. You need to allot enough time for hair and makeup, photos, and getting the venue all set up.

Additionally, consult with each of your vendors to see how much time they’ll need.

If you’re ever in doubt about how long something may take, err on the side of caution—in this case, tack on an extra half-hour. Leave extra buffer time where you’re able.

It’s unrealistic to assume everything will go according to schedule, but you need to try your darndest to be at the aisle around the time the ceremony is scheduled to begin.

Delegate tasks

You can’t do it all yourself (as much as you may wish you could!) which is why it’s imperative you delegate. From floral arrangements and venue setup to cleaning up at the end of the night, enlist help from your bridesmaids and family.

When outsourcing tasks, be clear about your vision and expectations. Share your timeline with everyone who’s lending a hand to ensure they’re on the same page.

Put together a wedding day emergency kit

It’s better to have a safety pin and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Same goes for Advil, tampons, those things you put on your heels if they get a blister… all that (and more!) should be included in your wedding day emergency kit.

Eat and stay hydrated

It’s normal to lose your appetite when you’re nervous and excited, which is why you need to be extra mindful about putting something in your stomach. Nutritionists recommend high-protein snacks, things like nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, or almond butter with apple slices.

Staying hydrated is important too. The last thing you want is to be taken down by a headache on your wedding day. 

Plus, considering all the bubbly you may be toasting, staying hydrated is just the smart thing to do.

Forget about perfection

Of course, you want a seamless and perfect wedding, but chances are things will probably go wrong. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to let that affect you.

We hope you’ll choose to let it go, and focus on what you can control instead: Your reaction when things go wrong.

If you keep the big picture in mind—the significance of this occasion first and foremost—nothing can take that away from you. Nothing can make it any less special or meaningful.

Do your best to think about what’s going well. Focus on how gorgeous everyone looks, you in your gown and your bridal party in their Bella Bridesmaids dresses.

Have some alone time with your new partner

This is your wedding, it’s all about the two of you. However if you’re not careful, the only time you’ll really get to see each other is when you’re up at the altar, exchanging vows.

Schedule 15 minutes or so to spend alone with your new spouse, away from everyone else. It’s important to get some alone time where the two of you can connect over the significance of this incredible occasion.

Enjoy the moment

Your wedding day is going to be over in a flash. All the planning and preparation leading up to it, and then poof, it’s done. Life goes on.

This is why it’s really important to be present in the moment. Soak up the details, your mom dabbing away tears when she catches sight of you in your dress, your fiancée doing the same as you glide down the aisle, ready to unite in holy matrimony forever.

Try to consciously remember to embrace each and every moment.


Above all, remember. If you choose to focus on the reason for the celebration, the love and commitment it signifies, stress doesn’t stand a chance.

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