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Start Earning Extra: A Beginner’s Guide to Micro-tasks on Picoworkers





Micro tasks are a form of jobs that can be completed quite easily and are just a one-time gig. They can be completed anywhere and at any time with no prior experience required. Micro jobs are possible because of GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites such as Picoworkers, Swag Bucks, Microworkers, Survey Junkie, and many more. These sites work as portals between workers and employers. 

Setting Up for Success – Choose The Right Platform.

Success with Micro Jobs can vary because of one main cause which is selecting the right platform. Many GPT sites that offer micro tasks, can be a bit scammy or pay extremely low pay, have restrictions, or change a big fee. Therefore, choosing the right platform is a must, some good examples of that would be Swag Bucks, Picoworkers, Survey Junkie (Only for Surveys), and Microworkers.

Tip: Join multiple well-known micro jobs platforms to have unlimited access to micro-tasks, but only if you have enough time to make this strategy work. 

Key Strategies to Maximize Earnings

Micro tasks are usually small and take only a bit of time, and on occasions, you can find a few longer micro tasks such as long-form surveys but the pay is good. There are a couple of strategies that you can use to maximize your earnings, especially on Picoworkers

Efficient Task Selection: 

Efficient Task selection can boost your income by a lot such as on Picoworkers because it offers multiple features that make every action you take more efficient. You can use filters such as high-paying to low-paying jobs, and select jobs from over 15+ categories whichever one interests you. Furthermore, being alerted on emails and active on the Picoworkers can be extremely beneficial because of their exclusive offers and high-paying jobs.

Tip: To be more efficient on Picoworkers, choose the best micro jobs such as Surveys, Downloading Apps, Watching Videos, and some others that you can check out on the list of best micro jobs.

Time Management: 

Micro Tasks are usually extremely short and only take a couple of minutes, but because of how short they are one can become addicted to them or ignore important tasks and start completing micro tasks to earn money. So, time management is a must when it comes to micro jobs, always make sure you have completed micro tasks either in your spare time or have set a special time for them. 

Balancing Micro Tasks with a Full-time Job

Just as time management is important with micro jobs, it’s also important to balance your full job and micro jobs equally. Always make sure you not focusing on one too much and have an equal balance between them. If you have a full-time job, try your best that the micro tasks that you started do not mess up with yout full-time job. 

Micro Tasks: Setting Realistic Goals

Micro tasks won’t make you rich doesn’t matter what platform you use. They are simply a great way to earn some cash in your free time, especially as a student and a freelancer. So, when it comes to micro-tasks or jobs make sure your goals are realistic. 


Microtasks can be a great side hustle to make some extra cash, especially through Picoworkers. It provides flexibility, a good user experience, access to efficient selection, versatile tasks, and much more that can be explored.

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